JAF painting Company

JAF painting Company

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Company Name: JAF painting Company

JEEL AL FAN PAINT Company, Industrial Area 15 Shar

POBox: 44437
Telephone Number: 065443964
Fax Number: 065443964
E-mail: manjunath@jaf.ae
Website: http://www.jaf.ae
Business Activity: Decorative Painting, Back Painted Glass, Art work, Gypsum Work, Glass Designs, Interior Decorative s

Company Profile:

JAF Decor Painting Cont. is one of the leading decorative solution provider in UAE with the most extensive capabilities in the region to ensure full compliance with the most stringent specifications. JAF Specialized in ? DECORATIVE PAINTING o Wall finishes, Mural Painting wall, Gold and silver leafing, stencil designing, Marble designing ? ART WORK o 3D Carving, Portrait Painting, Abstract, Real Painting original, Oil Painting, Painting in all mediums in all surface ? GLASS PAINTING o Back Painted Glass, Glass writing Boards, Decorative Painted Glass, Mashrabia Patterns, Antique Finishes, Decorative Mirror ? GYPSUM WORKS o Ceilings, Wall, Dome, Partitions, All kind of works ? GLASS/ALUMINIUM WORKS o Partitions, Glass Doors, Shower Cubical, Bath Room Mirror, Aluminum Works ? LIGHT WORKS o Functional Light, Decorative Light, Facade Light, Pavement/Ground Light, Swimming Pool Light JAF core competence is provide the best and real designs, from contemporary to traditional in building interiors. And we proved it a wide range of services, expertise, thru our true gifted talent in interior accents like, hotels, resorts, restaurants, villas, original art, custom designs, home seasonal & interior corporate art services. Our team is committed to providing with solutions for all your building interior decoration needs. With our in house design, technical and field capabilities, JAF can ensure that your project is executed to the quality standards that you expect from a market leader.

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