IZIL Cosmetics LLC

IZIL Cosmetics LLC

Listing Id: 321136

Company Name: IZIL Cosmetics LLC

Ibn Battuta Gate Offices, office 707B, Dubai, Unit

POBox: 487614
Telephone Number: 971558243993
Fax Number: 971558243993
E-mail: odeskuser14@gmail.com
Website: http://www.izilbeauty.com/
Business Activity: IZIL Cosmetics LLC

Company Profile:

IZIL Cosmetics LLC is a Berber word that means “pure” It is a highly effective natural cosmetic brand, made in Morocco and which products are made from organically certified highest quality Argan Oil, together with other natural, pure and rare ingredients. Each of IZIL products contains potent anti-oxidant ingredients from natural sources that deliver real results. It is blended with plant oils, fruits oils and essential oils carefully selected for their skin loving properties, to enhance skin radiance.

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