Inteslar Software Trading (ERP – HR and Payroll So

Inteslar Software Trading (ERP - HR and Payroll So

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Company Name: Inteslar Software Trading (ERP - HR and Payroll So

Office # 13, Second Floor, Averex Business Center,

POBox: ae
Telephone Number: +97143573460
Fax Number: +97143573460
Business Activity: Software Development, ERP Software, ERP solutions,ERP System, HR and payroll Software,payroll softwa

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inteslar offers customized ERP Solution for all kind of companies and businesses whether its related to Construction, Man Power Supply, Security, Real Estate, Professional Services, Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Hospitality or any other. it is module based, user friendly, customize able, flexible, efficient and it is helping companies across the globe and specially in UAE to run their businesses easily, smoothly and efficiently. • following are the key features of this excellent ERP solution 1. Sales 1.1. CRM 1.2. Sales Management 1.3. Subscriptions Management 2. Finance 2.1. Accounting 2.2. Invoicing 2.3. Expenses 2.4. Point of Sale 3. Operations 3.1. Inventory 3.2. Timesheets 3.3. Project Management 3.4. Purchasing 3.5. Helpdesk 4. Manufacturing 4.1. MRP 4.2. PLM 4.3. Equipment 4.4. Quality 5. Human Resource 5.1. Recruitment 5.2. Employees 5.3. Fleet Management 5.4. Leave Management 5.5. Appraisals 6. Communications 6.1. Discuss 6.2. eSignature 7. Marketing 7.1. Email Marketing 7.2. Events 7.3. Live Chat 7.4. Survey 8. Website 8.1. Website Builder 8.2. eCommerce 8.3. Blogs 8.4. Forums 8.5. Slides For any inquiry regarding ERP, HR and Payroll Software, Document Management System and other Customized Solutions feel free to contact us

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