Intelligent Security Solutions LLC

Intelligent Security Solutions LLC

Listing Id: 322421

Company Name: Intelligent Security Solutions LLC

Ground Floor Central Post Office, Zabeel Road, Al

POBox: 92546
Telephone Number: 043539739
Fax Number: 043539739
Business Activity: Smart Home Automation, Lighting Automation, Guest Room Management Solutions, Gate Automation, Energy

Company Profile:

Intelligent Security Solutions (Brand int’Gent) is a team of ELV/ICT enthusiasts who has over total 700 Man Years of Implementation Experience in UAE and India •int’Gent is proficient in deploying a complete umbrella of Intelligent ELV/ICT/Security solutions for different industry segments •int’Gent is a DPS Certified Service Provider •int'Gent holds the strategic partnership with leading ELV/ICT OEMs span across the globe •Sustained customer base and 80% repeat customer orders

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    I am jayakrishnan . iam as a sr.Technician at network projects. I have 6 years experience in dubai also 4 years in india . any vacancies pls sent me msg

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