IMPRESSIONS Uniforms Manufacturer & Supplier

IMPRESSIONS Uniforms Manufacturer & Supplier

Listing Id: 323234

Company Name: IMPRESSIONS Uniforms Manufacturer & Supplier

Ahmed Bin Rashid Port, Free Zone

POBox: 1087
Telephone Number: 0506332538
Fax Number: 067657661
Business Activity: Uniforms, Polo Shirts, Uniforms Supplier, Uniforms Manufacturer, Coverall, Dress Pant, Jackets, Wint

Company Profile:

IMPRESSIONS is a leading uniform manufacturer and promotional item supplier in the UAE. We pride ourselves in being a market leader and innovator. We set trends by offering you the latest fabrics at factory direct prices. The segments we serve range from Hospitality to Security/Military to Corporate to Medical to Education and Food & Beverages and many more. Our professional manner of doing business has gained us a reputable image as being the ‘go-to uniform supplier’ through word-of-mouth publicity by our satisfied customers.

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