Human Space Office Furnishing L.L.C.

Human Space Office Furnishing L.L.C.

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Company Name: Human Space Office Furnishing L.L.C.

Level 31 Media One Tower Dubai Media City, Dubai

POBox: 115033
Telephone Number: +971 4 456 1668
Fax Number: n/a
Business Activity: Office Furnishing, Supply and Installation,

Company Profile:

At HumanSpace, we believe in working with our customers to create dynamic environments. From furnishings to seating, every one of our interior solutions is a unique work of art which adds ambience to a room – filling space with an energy that can inspire, challenge, soothe and motivate. We are a procurement specialist when it comes to office furniture. We carry a vast range of furnishing brands from mid to high range of executive desks and operational benches to ergonomically refined seating. These brands are from USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Thailand and the Far East. With such a wide variety of furniture, we hope to meet your styles and expectations. Most of the companies we represent are part of the Green Building Council and furniture supplied by them can help you with your LEED credits. Apart from the brands, we also provide joinery services for customized conference tables, work walls and other bespoke items. We specialize in the supply and installation of office furnishings. Our staff is trained in ergonomic seating and can demonstrate correct use of the desks and chairs in order to make the most of your experience. All of our interior solutions are individually conceptualized and designed by a highly-respected team of designers. Each piece is carefully crafted to combine function, design and art, all with our clients’ needs as our foremost consideration. We pride ourselves on the quality of our furniture, the knowledge and expertise of our team and our delivery and post installation services. We believe in forming a long lasting partnership with all of our customers and supporting you in all your office furniture needs.

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