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Company Name: Homegenie

HomeGenie Mobile Services DMCC Jumeirah Lakes Tow

POBox: 97150
Telephone Number: 04-448-9595
Fax Number: 8019258025
E-mail: crk2233@gmail.com
Website: http://www.homegenie.me
Business Activity: Home Maintenance Service

Company Profile:

It is only surprising to realize that home maintenance industry which has been existing from time immemorial still suffers from big process gaps, low technology adoption rates and poor service innovation levels. With the way the world is changing and demanding more for less, a radical change in the end-to-end service experience across our daily service needs e.g. transportation, grocery delivery, banking etc. has already arrived. It is only obvious that the opportunity to set “new ways of working” in the home maintenance services industry is needed. We believe that home maintenance experience should be made simple, reliable and affordable right from booking a professional to paying electronically without the customer facing any availability issues. At HomeGenie, we have brought together a highly experienced team of maintenance, commercial, marketing (both digital and traditional) and technology professionals. with extensive local and global experience. All with a single objective of positively disrupting the home maintenance industry. We are working hard to build your trusted one-stop home maintenance services partner within your city so you don’t have to look anywhere else. By continuously challenging the status quo and seeking new ways to push boundaries, we want to do our bit to take some hassle away from your daily life. Book a HomeGenie service and give us an opportunity to delight you!

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