Hebany Oil Group

Hebany Oil Group

Listing Id: 322752

Company Name: Hebany Oil Group

2004, Regal Tower, Business Bay, Dubai

POBox: 121400
Telephone Number: 971509790251
Fax Number: 971509790251
E-mail: rathan@hebany.com
Website: www.hebany.com
Business Activity: Olive Oil, Sunflower & Palm Oil Manufacture

Company Profile:

Hebany is an international Food – Producing and manufacturing olive and sunflower oil company. Hebany is also an international trading company for food commodities. Headquarters are located in Spain. The company develops export operations for wholesalers, distributors and retailers. The owner family has two generations of experience and history in olive groves, oil press mills and oil production in Spain The trademark HEBANY® was founded in the year 1958, the company is the result of generations of professional entrepreneurs. The company has the expertise in trade and exporting products for 60 years. The biggest customers of the company from the beginning are Arabian Clients beginning its distribution in Syria in the year 1.995 (Christian calendar). In the year 2011(c.c.) Hebany began to purchase and selling Sunflower Oil. A rapid growth and a very strong demand leaded the birth of Hebany Sunflower Oil Inc. We export worldwide. Our company has highly qualified and professional personnel; we maintain a strictly meticulous and rigorous quality control and packaging under the technical standards established by the Regulatory Board of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Spain. We have an overall capacity of olive oil producing rounding 10,000 T annual. Sunflower overall capacity: We have producer in Vietnam Sunflower Oil of 50,000T per month overall rounding capacity. Company’s behaviour Quality of our Sunflower Oil is above highest European standards. Our experts travel the world finding the best and purest sunflower oil for our customers’ delight. Sunflower oil quality we can assume that cultivation of our Sunflower Oil is 100% natural, free preservatives and non-transgenic. Moreover, our Sunflower oil has SGS and Bureau Veritas Quality Certification. Olive and Sunflower oil also have health and quality certifications for human consumption for the following country governments: Risk and experience are the two factors that have helped give birth to a new company called Hebany Sunflower Oil. One of the things that distinguish us is that all our oils belong to the province of Alicante from trees and ancient. Strength abroad and that the Spanish market, weak within our borders due to strong competition in Andalusia provinces and Castilian-La Mancha, is highly valued in Asian and American markets.

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