Harrow Security Vehicles

Harrow Security Vehicles

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Company Name: Harrow Security Vehicles

First Gulf Properties , Near Global Shipping Round

POBox: 235439
Telephone Number: +971 48851993
Fax Number: +971 48851993
E-mail: info@harrow-security.com
Website: http://www.harrow-security.com
Business Activity: Bulletproof cars,Armored Cars, Armored Vehicles,Bulletproof Vehicles,Military Vehicles, MRAP , Cash

Company Profile:

Harrow Security Vehicles (HSV) is specialized manufacturers of Armoured Civilian and Military Vehicle, trading in Soft Skin Vehicle’s and personal protection security solutions according to clients need.. We sales good quality armoured or bulletproof vehicle without any quality compromise.Our mission is to make your drive safe and secure. We are pleased to inform you about our Armoured Vehicle product line (VR7, B2, B4, B5, B6, B6+, B7 & STANAG armouring levels) Though OEM Components are replaced with armoring components we ensure to give you the nearby OEM experience using cutting edge solution and well streamlined production process during component replacement / addition Website : http://harrow-security.com Email :[email protected] Phone +971 488515998

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