Happy Jump Entertainment LLC

Happy Jump Entertainment LLC

Listing Id: 322346

Company Name: Happy Jump Entertainment LLC

M17, Mussafah Indutrial Area, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

POBox: Po. Box: 5
Telephone Number: +971 2 6440 143
Fax Number: +971 2 6455106
E-mail: info@electriccaruae.com
Website: http://electriccaruae.com/
Business Activity: Sales of Electric Mobility Scooters, Wheel Chairs & Sales & Rental of Electric Golf Buggies and Othe

Company Profile:

Happy Jump E-Cars was established July 2005, to provide wide range of electric vehicle that is highly suitable for Middle East and Africa. We distributes products in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Seychelles and other neighbouring country. We take pride on bringing the best brand in the world that offers quality and superiority that dominating the global market. We support big-brand by providing after-sales excellence, by giving on-time delivery, product guarantee, preventive maintenance and spare parts availability. Happy Jump also the only electric car company that provide a Rental Fleet fit for Royalty, providing clients with pristine and hassle free electric cars.

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