Halo Blast CleaningLLC

Halo Blast CleaningLLC

Listing Id: 321570

Company Name: Halo Blast CleaningLLC

57th street,back of ggico metro station, Red Avenu

POBox: 13812
Telephone Number: +97142888862
Fax Number: +97142888562
E-mail: info@haloblast.ae
Website: http://www.haloblast.ae
Business Activity: Dry Ice blasting,Cleaning Services

Company Profile:

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Saleh Al Hashmi, I am a UAE national with 30 years’ experience in the Aviation industry. We have set up a unique business which I would like to present to you and I am sure it will be well suited for your establishment which includes maintenance & cleaning for industries involved in : • Food • Aviation / Aero space industries • Manufacturing • Power Generation ( specialized in HRSG Cleaning at uae) • Marine • Paper • Printing • Rubber Industry & Plastic industry • Automotive • Restoration The product is the latest technology which is a global product and also approved by Dubai Municipality. Our company HALO BLAST which is based in Dubai is the only one specialized in this kind of technology. This new technology of CO2 (Dry Ice) blasting is the modern alternative to chemical cleaning, sandblasting, water blasting, steam cleaning, manual scrubbing, scraping and hand tooling, as well as it is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning available today. Dry ice cleaning is typically much faster than any other cleaning methods. Dry Ice has been proven to be the most effective and environmental friendly product with no residual waste. Moreover the shorter time frame, reduced labor cost, and reduction in material disposal costs means a big savings for you. Also our unique product can also be used while your machines or equipment are in operation without the need to switch it off reducing down times. We would be delighted to meet with you at your convenience for a brief introduction and discuss a live demo if required. Thank you for your time and wish you a good day. Our contact number is below.

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