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Gulf Advocates

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Company Name: Gulf Advocates

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai

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Telephone Number: 00971505071820
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What our business does? We are experts at connecting people who are in need of legal aid and lawyers with the right businesses that have a track record of handling such cases. The advantage people get by going through us is that they spend absolutely no time and no money searching for the best service. A large network of independent law firms Today, gulf advocates is one of the world’s largest non-subscription legal information site, it includes a directory of law firms and networks covering 250 countries in all practice areas. There are thousands of law firms, lot of law articles, and list of law institute, Legal translators, and trademark registrar in all countries. All the information is easily found by searching through Gulf Advocates and online. Lawyers' Global Directory Today, when someone is searching for a lawyer or a law firm online, the search results from all the major search engines show the gulf advocates Law Firm Directory at or near the top of the page for most states and countries. This creates a remarkable presence in the market for each listed firm. Gulf Advocates provides these listing services worldwide: • Africa • Asia & Middle East • Europe • North and South America • Australia & Pacific Gulf leading specialists The gulf is uniquely poised as one of the most active business regions in the world. Here wealth changes more hands and faster than anywhere else. So, the need for a comprehensive suite of legal services is paramount. Our goal is to fill in the gap for high quality legal services by acting as a bridge between people who need help and the best services. Just browse through our directory to find the right professional that suits your needs. Regularly monitored We continue to monitor the directory and update it as we receive feedback. However, we ask that people constantly provide us with feedback so that the site and the value it offers continue to improve proving mutually beneficial to everyone. Fully licensed Gulf attorneys Almost every attorney listed in the directory across the Gulf region is fully licensed to practice law. The law firm and the attorneys working for it have years of experience in the given type of case. Plus, regardless of if you are in an individual or a business they can provide you with the legal advice you need to succeed. Though it can be difficult for us to individually identify and track every attorney that lists on this website we do make an active effort to remove posts and listings of those we deem to be unbeneficial to people. Our listings are actively checked and every submission is scrutinized based on the feedback we receive from users. From debts to civil cases There is no case that our participating lawyers cannot handle. However, we always strongly advise that people do not automatically trust all listings on our website. It is important to do your research prior to hiring an attorney for any type of case. Considerations when hiring an attorney When hiring an attorney / lawyer it is important to be straight forward and honest. Speak with them over the phone to make sure you’re compatible. The next step is to determine if the lawyer has experience handling cases such as yours. Ask them for references, which you can then check. Ideally, the lawyer you hire should have experience of working on similar cases in the gulf region with great success. Though we work very hard to ensure that listings on gulf advocates is validated professionally and in a timely manner, we urge you to do due diligence too when hiring an attorney in the gulf region. Find Us On ? Face Book ? Twitter ? G+ ? Linked In ? Website

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