Golden Crown Travel & Tourism LLC

Golden Crown Travel & Tourism LLC

Listing Id: 320192

Company Name: Golden Crown Travel & Tourism LLC

207, 2nd Flr. Dar Al Waheida Bldg, Doha Strt, Duba

POBox: 98712
Telephone Number: 042971322
Fax Number: 042971321
Business Activity: Visa & Tickets

Company Profile:

The company was established in 2004 and equipped with 16 highly qualified professionals with a dedicated team of varied nationalities to manage and develop the business. As the high demand of GCC market, we just opened Bahrain branch in Apr 2007, Thus, promotion and market development of our services is very thorough, covering the whole industry/market and their key personnel in the sales, ticketing and top management levels. Our Mission is to continue establishing global connections as well as to develop the most competitive and comprehensive range of products and services with sufficient allocations to meet the requirements of partner offices and customers worldwide. Our Vision is to be a global eminent leader in the Travel & Tourism industry. Our Aim is to: • Provide highest quality of service that satisfies our customer’s needs. • Develop products and services to meet the market requirements respectively. • Maintain competitive prices. OUR SERVICES Holidays/Travels Visit ,Transit and Tourist visas for all nationalities Assistance in obtaining visas to other countries Customized Inbound / Outbound Holidays Tailor made tours for Business / Leisure in GCC countries and Worldwide Hotel reservations worldwide Airport Transfers & car rentals Group rates are available Ticketing Worldwide ticket reservations Group fares and discounts to frequent customers Special holiday packages at astonishing prices Travel insurance Free delivery of all your documents Transport Provide cargo deliveries inside and outside the country.

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