Listing Id: 318384

Company Name: GI MOVERS LLC

M-43, Plot No 117, Block D, Office No 7, Abu Dhabi

POBox: 133359
Telephone Number: 025527922
Fax Number: 025527977
Business Activity: Office Relocation, Home Relocation, Furniture Re-configuration, Furniture Installation, University &

Company Profile:

We are a team of experienced people dedicating our time and effort to give you our best moving and storage service. Trust and tranquility, that's Grand International Movers. Grand International Movers based in UAE was founded in the year 2014. We provide reliable and affordable solutions for all your relocation needs. We save your time and money with expert moving professionals, state of the art equipment, packing, boxing and even storage services for your belongings. We have resources and expertise to get your work done on time and within the budget specified. We aim to offer a range of best-value services along with cutting-edge technology and dedicated round-the-clock customer support. Our team takes time to make comprehensive understanding of your needs and is committed to provide you an unparalleled quality and services.

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