GHS Logistics

GHS Logistics

Listing Id: 323011

Company Name: GHS Logistics

SHB-52, RAKEZ Warehouses, Al Hamrah Industrial Are

POBox: 85712-RAK
Telephone Number: +971 7 2330 600
Fax Number: +971 7 2330 595
Business Activity: Storage, Cargo, Freight forwarding, Fulfilment Services, Packing & Moving, International Move

Company Profile:

GHS Logistics is company registered in Ras Al Khaimah & operates in Dubai & northern Emirates. GHS Logistics provide a relief of operational work and hassle What makes GHS Logistics special other than a similar service provider? 1. Location Our fulfillment warehouse is strategically located in Northern Emirates Ras Al Khaimah with another smaller warehouse in Dubai for fast moving items, allowing you to effectively reach us. 2. Technology We are working to develop a web-based technology which integrate our fulfilment system with your shopping cart, making order processing fast and easy, and allowing you to track packages and inventory in real-time from anywhere in the world. 3. Service With over a 7 of servicing international companies, we understand the needs of businesses like yours. Our processes are simple and transparent. You have a dedicated customer service team at GHS. 4. Cash on Delivery Some customers prefer to pay at delivery and yes we do collect cash at delivery and send in to your account on agreed date you prefer or schedule not less than 7days between each transfer. 5. International Express Delivery as we are an expert in UAE market we know that your business will reach all GCC countries or any different country & we had that ready service for you to your client door.

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