Forceis Integrated Security Systems

Forceis Integrated Security Systems

Listing Id: 319623

Company Name: Forceis Integrated Security Systems

204 Bin Belaisha Building

POBox: 60607
Telephone Number: 0097143973131
Fax Number: 0097143974141
Business Activity: Security Service, CCTV, Access Control, Gate Barrier, Security Integration, surveillance systems

Company Profile:

Forceis Integrated Security Systems is a well established, professional and reputable provider of business security systems in UAE. Forceis supplying tailored security solutions to homes, businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UAE. At Forceis we cover the full spectrum of Physical Security subsystems required for Government, Enterprise and Corporate entities in all verticals. We have partnered with world renowned solution providers to bring cutting edge technologies in these segments to the Middle East market.

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