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Jurf Industrial Area, Ajman

POBox: 7295
Telephone Number: 050 6762304
Fax Number: 06 7486212
Website: http://
Business Activity: Water Tank Repairing, Water Tanks, Water Tank Maintenance, GRP Lining,

Company Profile:

FIBER CONCEPT is the brain child of bee-yel brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit. We have wealth of experience and knowledge in GRP Applications. In changing economic and business climate we are confident that we can deliver service perfection and support operation to meet quality. FIBER CONCEPT is an innovative company at the cutting edge of the GRP Industry, we curved our niche in the industry a quality oriented company within short span of time by our uncompromising commitment to the quality and professionalism through years, We set standard for Complete Water Tank solutions, Roof leak solutions, GRP Water proofing and other maintenance specialties serving in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors throughout the Emirates. Our services are designed to minimize downtime and expenditure. FIBER CONCEPT is the brand name you can trust to deliver exactly what is expected and more “Quality without compromise”

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