Exo Logics

Exo Logics

Listing Id: 322570

Company Name: Exo Logics

Sharjah Media City, Sharjah, UAE

POBox: 515000
Telephone Number: +971 6 731 7234
Fax Number: +971 6 731 7234
E-mail: info@exologics.com
Website: http://www.exologics.com
Business Activity: Business Startup, Strategy, Business and Operating Models Consultancy, HR Transformation, Accounting

Company Profile:

At EXO LOGICS we provide management consultancy services to enhance the productivity of companies and build the capacity to make them more successful to grow their businesses globally. We proactively understand the requirements of the customers and fulfil their needs using our knowledge, experience and technology. We have built automated collaborative process to accomplish the assignments and our highly professional team interact with the customer and deliver the work on-time and as per the required quality.

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