Eveneers Events & Entertainment

Eveneers Events & Entertainment

Listing Id: 319059

Company Name: Eveneers Events & Entertainment

Al Khor Plaza, Garhoud, Dubai, Arab Emirates

POBox: 81329
Telephone Number: 042981188
Fax Number: 042981199
E-mail: info@eveneersevents.com
Website: http://www.eveneersevents.com
Business Activity: Events Management, Exhibitions, Conferences, Concerts, Entertainment

Company Profile:

About Eveneers Founded since 2011 and based in Dubai, Eveneers is a full event management company, from exhibition to conferences and seminars, parties and entertainment services. Our approach is based on expertise, flexibility, enthusiasm and providing an exceptional level of personal service far beyond the expected standard. Hence, although new in the market, Eveneers claims to be the pioneers of a number of innovative techniques aimed at fulfilling all the client's requirements and making their event an outstanding success. Eveneers caters for all types and scale of events and can plan and manage any event from inception to completion or deal with just one aspect of the event as required. This is alongside ensuring that the event runs within budget, hence allowing us to demonstrate the excellent value we offer. Events services include corporate events, private parties, weddings, summer parties, dinner parties, venue finding, catering and everything else that's needed. Just leave it to Eveneers, whether it's a dinner party for 12 or a wedding or an A list party for 2000+. Eveneers - The Events Pioneers

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