Escale Designs

Escale Designs

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Company Name: Escale Designs

Escale Villa 23, Street 81. Jumeirah 1 Dubai, UAE

POBox: 191105
Telephone Number: +971 4 4209781
Fax Number: +971 4 4232894
Business Activity: women’s fashion, bespoke designs,western designs,functional fashion designs,women’s apparels

Company Profile:

Escale understands that every woman is different and needs a unique style statement to call her own. The word ‘Escale’ itself means a stopover in French and our brand is the fashion equivalent of stopping over and discovering your own, unique style. Our brand thus draws your complete attention and caters to even the choicest desires that you hope to be fulfilled. Ferzin, the force behind Escale is clear about what she wants to deliver through the brand. Her designs are for the trendsetters who want to stand out of the crowd, reflect style and resonate elegance. Escale creations are innovative and at the same time extremely functional season after season. Ferzin’s strong fashion background and education at the renowned French fashion university ESMOD has given her an uncanny understanding of fusing the traditional with the modern and creating exactly what the clients desire. Her extensive travels across the world provides her with a broad perspective of the various aesthetic inclinations and a deep understanding of the cultural metaphor of today’s dynamic and ambitious woman. This was one of the biggest inspirations for Ferzin and the idea for Escale was spawned in 1998 while she was still in France and UK.

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