Empire Spa Dubai

Empire Spa Dubai

Listing Id: 324089

Company Name: Empire Spa Dubai

Empire Hotel Apartment 3rd Floor, Opposite Al Futt

POBox: 25570
Telephone Number: +971 52 537 2030
Fax Number: +971 52 537 2030
E-mail: michaeljohn4353@gmail.com
Website: http://www.empirespadubai.com/
Business Activity: Health, Fitness,Spa Center,Massage Center

Company Profile:

We have introduced many unparalleled world class Spa features and facilities for our guests in our centers. Empire Spa has become a name to reckon with when someone thinks about a hot massage center in Dubai Spa is known for its hospitality and well acclaimed place for unwinding the stress and strain. We have diverse styles in offering massage services including Asain aromatherapy massage, Purifying Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai herbal massage, Hot stones massage. Empire Spa advocates proactive holistic wellness and rejuvenation combining traditional therapies of various nations Empire Spa is the right city for a relaxing getaway Being such an incomparable city, Empire features the world famous Reflection Shopping Festival as an annual event which is an occasion for getting together the enthusiasts world over. For more info Please Call now on +971 52 537 2030 or visit our website http://www.empirespadubai.com/

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