Emirates Future International Academy

Emirates Future International Academy

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Company Name: Emirates Future International Academy

10th Street,Musaffah Shaabiya 10

POBox: 128576
Telephone Number: 00971 (0)2 5525188
Fax Number: 00971 (0)2 5525202
E-mail: efia.uae@gmail.com
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Emirates Future International Academy (EFIA), Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE, is one of the leading Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi, following the CBSE curriculum. The school provides a conducive learning environment with excellent infrastructure for quality education. With the motto, “Education Leads to Perfection,” the school endeavors to motivate students from KG 1 to Grade XII towards active learning and to achieve their highest potential through a holistic development of their social and emotional personality. Students are provided with ample opportunities to develop their varied interests through the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The school’s yearly CBSE Board Examination results testify a noteworthy escalation in the academics sector. EFIA has been in the news with commendable achievements right from the time it began functioning in 2008 with 869 students and 53 teachers. The very same year EFIA came out with flying colors bagging the third position in UAE in the final CBSE Board examinations. In the Inter-School Competitions conducted in sports, cultural and literary activities students of EFIA reveal exemplary talents. The many feathers in our cap unfold kaleidoscopic accomplishments achieved by the brilliant resourcefulness and hard work of our students, teachers, Principal, Vice-Principal, headed by Honorable Chairman Dr Francis Cleetus, the guiding spirit behind the success of the school. At present the school functions with a dedicated team of 170 teachers and 2800 students. The students’ vibrant activities are also manifest in club organizations like the Eco-Club, Heritage Club, Health and Safety, Literary, Community Service and more. EFIA is lucidly meticulous to incorporate innovative ideas that are vital to improve the quality of education to the level of accomplishing the 21st century skills, which are fundamentally essential for growing children to understand and face the world around them. With a Vision towards “Achieving Heights with Excellence,” our Mission is: To equip students with skills and values to face the challenges of the 21st century. To enable students to achieve their highest potential by developing their social and emotional personality through active learning. To mould motivated, ambitious and confident lifelong learners. To create in students an awareness of global environmental issues. To inculcate in students the ideas of tolerance and universal brotherhood by giving them wider exposure to various cultures especially that of the host country UAE and their mother land. To provide conducive learning environment and excellent infrastructure for Total Quality Education (TQE) The school believes in helping students to develop their full potential in every field of their interest by motivating them to join inter-school competitions held in UAE. We ignite students’ minds with a whole array of experiential learning needed to help them adapt quickly to careers and opportunities waiting in the world outside the school. The laudable accomplishments in the school adorned by EFIANS bear testimony to the opportunities and facilities provided in the school. Students are encouraged to manage clubs and events with all the essential skills needed to cultivate a scientific mind that expresses beyond academics. The well-appreciated student activities and learning experiences, which have resulted in distinguished commendations, have catapulted the school’s status to one of an ideal graduating ground for students to develop the resourcefulness needed to find innovative solutions to social, economic, environmental and other global issues, in order to make the world a better place to live in. Our study tours are replete with the necessary guidelines that help in experiential learning, resulting in a tangible perspective gained through first-hand experience. This enhances the students’ efficiency and understanding of what they study in the classroom in relation to the world outside. Emirates Future International Academy is professionally managed by the NTS Group which is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization located in Abu Dhabi.

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