EDubai Shopping Festival

eDubai Shopping Festival

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Company Name: eDubai Shopping Festival

205, 206 Old Labor Office Building,Near Al Qiyada

POBox: 111306
Telephone Number: 971 42972626
Fax Number: 97142972626
Business Activity: tours & travel operators, travel agency in Dubai, dubai shopping festival 2017,shopping in dubai,dsf

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As the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 is entering into its 22nd year, lots of fun and entertainment are on the card for visitors. Not only the government of Dubai, but also eDubai Shopping Festival, a partner of Rayna Group, has rolled up its sleeves to take care of the tourists that would be visiting the city in a large number. The mega shopping event that is awaited by shopping and food fanatics is slated to begin from December 26, 2016 and will extend up to January January 28, 2017. There is no single area in the city that remains untouched with the glitters and glamor of the shopping festival. The shopping festival is something you shouldn't miss. It is the time when the best brands of the world conglomerate in Dubai to offer you a unique shopping. To ensure no customer walks out without a purchase, the malls offer attractive discounts as well. So, contact eDuabi Shopping Festival and witness the shopping extravaganza the fever of which will not recede until the next event.

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