Listing Id: 321043

Company Name: DULOG Group

Premises No: (RS) A-14 , Phase -2, Industrial and

POBox: 49948
Telephone Number: 044430730
Fax Number: 044430730
E-mail: amanali@duloggroup.com
Website: http://www.duloggroup.com
Business Activity: Removals, Relocations, Storage, Freight Forwarding, Shifting, Custom Clearance, Records Management,

Company Profile:

DULOG is an integrated logistics company accredited with the International Association of Movers- USA Our vision is to be an admired service provider. Our mission is to deliver what we promise and build long-term partnerships with stakeholders. We have a culture of teamwork, responsible organizational and personal behavior. We encourage and facilitate free flow of ideas for continual improvement. Supported by a network of partners worldwide with extensive local knowledge and distinct capabilities, DULOG is able to provide you customized solutions to all your freight transport, storage, distribution and management needs. DULOG is a Logistics and Relocations Company and well known player among the, Dubai Movers, Abu Dhabi Movers, Dubai Relocations, Abu Dhabi Relocations, Dubai Logistics, Abu Dhabi Logistics , service providers. Services offered by the Company includes, Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Transportation, Warehousing, Storage, Self- Storage, Records Management, Industrial Packing, manufacturing of, Wooden boxes, Wooden Crates. The Company is highly reputed among the Air Cargo, Air Freight, Air Cargo Dubai, Air Cargo Abu Dhabi, Air Freight Dubai, Air Freight Abu Dhabi, Sea Freight, Sea Freight Dubai, Sea Freight Abu Dhabi, Warehousing, Warehousing Dubai, Warehousing Abu Dhabi, Land Transportation, Land Transportation Dubai, Land Transportation Abu Dhabi, Land Transportation GCC, Storage Services, including, AC Storage, Storage Services Dubai, Storage Service Abu Dhabi, service providers. Other services offered by the Company include 3PL, Shipping, Container Shipping, Customs Brokerage, Industrial Packing, Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes, manufacturing. If you are looking to, shift Dubai, Shift Abu Dhabi, Shift Office, Shift Factory, Shift Machinery, look no further, DULOG offers complete range of Logistics and Relocations solutions at highly professional standards and in a highly personalized way. The markets covered include all the 7 Emirates in the UAE, Free Zones including, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Logistics City, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Sharjah Airport Free Zone, RAK Free Zone, Ajman Free Zone, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai Media and Production Zone and Dubai Silicon Oasis. We are affiliated to: IAM International Association of Movers http://www.iamovers.org/

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