Dubidubs.com UAE Fashion & Jewelry Online Shopping

Dubidubs.com UAE Fashion & Jewelry Online Shopping

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Company Name: Dubidubs.com UAE Fashion & Jewelry Online Shopping

Single Business Tower, Business Bay

POBox: 643800
Telephone Number: 00971525144170
Fax Number: 00971525144170
E-mail: info@dubidubs.com
Website: https://www.duidubs.com
Business Activity: Dubidubs Online Shopping, UAE Online Shopping, Online Shopping UAE, Online Shopping, Dubai Online Sh

Company Profile:

Dubidubs is considered to be the perfect place to buy, sell and also trade locally which is all free. Whether it is stuff related to fashion, home and office, electronics, beauty, jewelry, bracelets, watches, kitchen, blender, pans or any other major events, you can do it from the comfort of your home through Dubidubs. Bringing a wide array of products under one roof from varied stores has been the main motto of this online retail store. You can make a quick comparison between items, between brands and between products immediately on our store. And you may also make note that there is free delivery for orders after a certain limit. All you have to do is order online and keep tracking your product, for you will receive them in lightning speed. There are popular watches brands and jewelry brands selling their latest products on our online store. So, if you are looking forward to have a wonderful shopping experience for the best of products without having to strain a muscle, Dubidubs it has to be. For an all-time new shopping experience... The one Stop Online Shopping Mall. Get Quality Fashion and Electronic Products at a Best Price at your door step.Mostly people know that bata is the traditional footwear for men, women and children. Bata shoes Online UAE is just made for long walks, joggings and all outdoor activities. They share very bright history with their customers.Bata recently conducted one of its Display exhibitions in Toronto at bata shoe museum. Elizabeth is the guardian of prettiness, individuality and smugness said that shoe making detail actually depends on area of the shoe maker. Our Categories: Fashion: https://www.dubidubs.com/fashion.html Jewlery: https://www.dubidubs.com/jewelry.html Charms and Bracelets: https://www.dubidubs.com/jewelry/charms-bracelets.html Women And Men Watches: https://www.dubidubs.com/jewelry/watches.html Beauty: https://www.dubidubs.com/beauty.html Kitchen: https://www.dubidubs.com/kitchen.html Home: https://www.dubidubs.com/home-cat.html Deal Of the Day: https://www.dubidubs.com/sale.html Electronics: https://www.dubidubs.com/electronics.html Where all do you deliver? We deliver to UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar. For UAE delivery time always between 3 to 5Days, For other countries ( KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar ) Delivery time will be between 5 days to 12 Days. Does the order have to be place only online? No, because we are in other platforms as well, You will have to place your order Online store, Facebook, WhatsApp 0525144170. We have a secure payment gateway which is fast and secure too. It is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. How safe is it to place an order online? You can rest assured that shopping at Dubidubs is an altogether new experience and extremely safe too. You can see that we are verified members of MasterCard and Visa and hence are capable of assuring additional security too when your cards are being used on our website for shopping. The encryption systems are of industry standards and hence any potentially sensitive information and other critical information that is sensitive (debit and credit card details), in the wake of a third party interception, will be able to detect it easily. How much is the cost of the delivery? Regardless of the value of the order and the size of the order, there is a single charge per order for all UAE deliveries as 18Dhs. For deliveries to KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, is independent of your country standard deivery. PAYMENTS How should I make payments for the order placed? We accept Visa and MasterCard, Visa Debit, PayPal payments, Cash On Delivery. When will I get charged for the purchase made? Once you reach the final page of billing and you submit your order form, we will contact your card issuer or bank for further authorisation of payment from your end. In case of a query, your card issuer will get in touch with you. After giving my card details, I am again asked to enter another password. Why? As there is a 3D Secure payment option that a few banks have in UAE, it asks for the password again. This security option is nothing but an extra layer of security for the purchases that are made with the help of debit and credit cards online. In case any issues arise during the payment, you can contact your bank personnel immediately. PROMOTIONS How will I know to use the promotional codes? You will have to use them at the checkout page stage. Then you will have to enter the code in the redeem a promotion code in the provision given. The right code has to be entered and then you will have to click on the ‘Continue’ button. In case it is a valid code, you will get the discount. You will have to note that a code works only for a given order. What if I have forgotten to use the promotional code? We regret the situation because nothing can be done manually from our end once the order has been through. Website: https://www.dubidubs.com WhatsApp Order: +971525144170

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