Dubai Online Insurance

Dubai Online Insurance

Listing Id: 324361

Company Name: Dubai Online Insurance

Al Ghanem Business Center, Al Majaz Area, Sharjah

POBox: 29714
Telephone Number: 0097165687474
Fax Number: 0097165687007
Business Activity: Motor Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Property all risk insurance, Contractors all risk

Company Profile:

Dubai Online Insurance have been providing services since 2004 as an agency. It has been affiliated with various companies established in the UAE. Earlier getting coverage was time consuming, had to visit various offices , needed days to get a quote and finally the policy was issued. But now a days buying insurance is a breeze and we are one of the best in providing these services. We as an Insurance(Tameen) specialist, specialize in the following areas : • Property All Risk Ins. / Fire Ins. • Marine (SEA/AIR/ROAD). • Motor Ins / Vehicle Ins. • Workmen’s Compensation Ins. • Contractor’s All Risk Ins. • Professional Indemnity Ins. • Third Party Liability Ins. • House Holder’s Ins. • Jeweler’s Block. • Contact Us To Know More…. We provide other covers beside these, if you have any queries feel free to contact us and we will designate an insurance specialist to you who will guide you and answer your queries. Our fast, efficient, courteous team will be at your service. Email : [email protected] Tel : 06-5687474

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