Delta Cool Technical Services LLC

Delta Cool Technical Services LLC

Listing Id: 320576

Company Name: Delta Cool Technical Services LLC


POBox: 13334
Telephone Number: +971 551087380
Fax Number: 04 22044251
Business Activity: Air conditioner maintenance, MEP

Company Profile:

Greetings !!! Delta Cool, recognize the fast growing leaders in family comfort & peace of mind services. We provide a service range of consulting, installation and repairing services of HVAC in residential apartment, villa, high-rise building, commercial, industrial, warehouse, server room, telecommunication, showroom, school, hotel & hospital premises etc. Our highly skilled professional maintenance division undertakes Installation, Maintenance & Rectification of all type of AC equipment with cost effective and reliable service. 1. Split AC Units ( R 22 & R 410 ) 2. Ducted Type AC Units 3. Cassette & Floor Standing Type AC Units 4. Packaged AC Units / Roof Top AC Units 5. Chilled Water Fan Coil Units 6. Water Cooled Chiller 7. Air Handling Units 8. Condensing Units 9. VRF/VRV System Annual Maintenance Contract : Routine AC service can help you avoid costly air conditioning repairs. It can extend the longevity of your equipment too. Even if you're fully aware of the benefits, you may simply forget to have the service scheduled. A great way to ensure regular maintenance is by signing up for an annual service program. Many cooling companies offer service agreements and maintenance contracts. You will receive friendly reminders when service is due so that you can schedule accordingly. Please refer our company's activity and contact us via our website. Regards, Vaishal Gajjar "Stay Cool, Feel Cool" "Make A Long Relationship With Delta Cool" ( M ) +971551087380 / +971502277840

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