Delicate Software Solutions

Delicate Software Solutions

Listing Id: 319170

Company Name: Delicate Software Solutions

Dubai, UAE

POBox: 299275
Telephone Number: 044216577
Fax Number: 044216577
Business Activity: HR Payroll Software, Accounting Software, IT Company, Software Solutions, Software Company

Company Profile:

Delicate Software Solutions offers professional solutions for HR and Payroll Software, Accounting & Inventory software, Cheque Printing Software, Sales / Purchasing & Inventory system. We undertake networking and cabling work and perform very professionally. we are located in well known city called Dubai. Some of our very popular products: * HR Payroll Software - EasyHR * Cheque Printing Software – FastCheque * Purchasing Software / LPO Management - QuickLPO * Accounting Software & Mid Level ERP System For More Info, Please call: Tel: +971-4-4216577 or Cell: +971-52-9957352 Visit:

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