Deffro Technologies

Deffro Technologies

Listing Id: 322477

Company Name: Deffro Technologies

Hamdan Street backside of Starbucks Coffee, Abu Dh

POBox: AE01
Telephone Number: +971 50 187 6263
Fax Number: +971 50 187 6263
Business Activity: Web Design, Wordpress Theme Development, E-Commerce Website Development

Company Profile:

Deffro Technologies is a small digital creative business dedicated to helping businesses, sole traders and people achieve their online presence at a great price with a top quality end product We're a home run digital business and we are specialized in e-commerce and hotel management solutions so you're not overpaying for a product. We include for free with our sites responsive media design - which means we will make your site look good on smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. We will also set up your social media ie. twitter and facebook ready for you. We produce bespoke sites tailor made to the finest detail and can offer a maintenance service after release to the customer.

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