Debt Collection & Legal Services

Debt Collection & Legal Services

Listing Id: 323373

Company Name: Debt Collection & Legal Services

Oud Metha, Dubai UAE

POBox: 80881
Telephone Number: 566300520
Fax Number: 566300520
Business Activity: Debt Collection, Debt Recovery, lawyer Services, Attestation

Company Profile:

Global Debt Collector helps you advance and hold positive working associations with your clients by giving direct arrangements through our simple to get to business debt collection services. We have Professional Associates around globally who are authorities in awful debt collection services and work on a No Collection No Fee, which implies you won’t be ever with discharge pockets the length of we are gathering. With more than 32 nation’s partners, we guarantee that all your cash is in the most secure of hands at all circumstances, with no bother for you. GDC has built up a demonstrated collection equation which gives industry driving outcomes, giving you the most obvious opportunity with regards to gathering your debts as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

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