Davidson & Co Legal Consultants

Davidson & Co Legal Consultants

Listing Id: 321974

Company Name: Davidson & Co Legal Consultants

Office 504, Shangri La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, D

POBox: 75779
Telephone Number: 04 343 8897
Fax Number: 04 343 8879
E-mail: wewantzoom@gmail.com
Website: http://www.davidsoncolaw.com/
Business Activity: law, legal services, litigation proceedings, criminal proceedings, wills, sports law, corporate law

Company Profile:

Davidson & Co is a member of the International Fraud Group (IFG), managing multi-jurisdictional litigation proceedings, criminal proceedings and liaising with third party experts on forensic investigations, as well as advising on corporate governance matters, directors’ duties, fraud and asset recovery.

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