Dar Zaki Tourism LLC

Dar Zaki Tourism LLC

Listing Id: 322761

Company Name: Dar Zaki Tourism LLC

Churchill Tower, Business Bay, Office 1404, Dubai,

POBox: 8114
Telephone Number: +971 43219408
Fax Number: +971 43219409
E-mail: info@visaindubai.com
Website: http://www.visaindubai.com
Business Activity: Tourism

Company Profile:

Z Tourism, founded in 2006, within a short span of time has built a repute of excellence in terms of visa services and tourism destination management. The company is licensed by the Government of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), listed in Customers Protection Program, Department of Economic Development, and General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. DZ Tourism has a professional, well-qualified team to cater travel programs and corporate events of all scales, moreover, at DZ Tourism, client satisfaction is paramount to us, and hence we adopt a personal, comprehensive approach to ensure that our valued guest’s unique travel requirements are precisely fulfilled. We bespoke our travel packages to suit the unique requirements of both individual and corporate clients. As a professional, DMC in Dubai with strong global network, vast resources and a diverse portfolio of business operations comprising visa services, visa renewal, tour operators, online bookings, hotel reservation, and top-notch meeting and conference facilities, DZ Tourism is capable of handling every detail with utmost case and special attention – let it be travel requirements, leisure services, airline ticketing, visa assistance, luxury travel, business trips or ground handling. Our expertise in intuitive planning and on-time implementation provides our clients with feasible options for their unique travel requirements. To ensure a hassle -free holiday or business trip in Dubai or anywhere in the world, our highly knowledgeable staff with several years of experience under their belt will assist you in every way to make your tour as enjoyable and entertaining as possible.

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