Dantella Designs

Dantella Designs

Listing Id: 315457

Company Name: Dantella Designs

Villa #10 - Mumtazah Area Sharjah

POBox: 4747
Telephone Number: +97165223331
Fax Number: +97165223336
E-mail: info@dantelladesigns.com
Website: http://www.dantelladesigns.com
Business Activity: Dantella a haute couture house for Abayas was founded in 2009; aims to provide Arab women the world

Company Profile:

Dantella’s well experienced in-house Designers, helms a team of professional multi-national cutters, tailors, embroiderers and hand-beaders to produce exquisite creations that are in itself masterpieces. Silk, french chiffon, chantily lace & Swarovski crystals, imported from Europe, all form the base from which extraordinary Abayas becomes a reality. Variations of ideas clash and merge with geometric patterns; pleats emerge, flowers and leave appear with shimmering sequins that are both pleasing to the eye and a beauty to behold. True to its commitment to exclusivity, Dantella Designs will showcase only two collections a year one for spring and summer and the other for fall and winter.

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