CSPT Automotive Solutions

CSPT Automotive Solutions

Listing Id: 320835

Company Name: CSPT Automotive Solutions

Office No. Wing A – 506-507 , HQ Building, Silicon

POBox: 341131
Telephone Number: +97143724651
Fax Number: +97143724660
E-mail: info@csptauto.com
Website: http://www.csptauto.com/
Business Activity: Automobile

Company Profile:

Description: CSPT Automotive Solutions in Dubai with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, as well as commitment to service excellence, CSPT provides automotive solutions that bring peace of mind to our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business. With access to numerous world-renowned brands, an ability to expedite the ordering process in accordance with client requirements, dedicated client support and a strategic global presence, we are able to provide solutions for our clients’ automotive requirements that are both comprehensive and cost effective. Vision To be recognized and respected as the leading automotive solutions provider for fleet operators across the globe. Mission To provide high quality and reliable automotive solutions that include vehicles, spare parts and logistics, yet remain cost effective, thereby ensuring customer service excellence and enabling sustainable growth.

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