Cascade Events Management

Cascade Events Management

Listing Id: 322462

Company Name: Cascade Events Management

Office 1902-12 , Level 19, Post Box No. 118275, 4

POBox: 118275
Telephone Number: 044030612 / 05822359
Fax Number: +971 4 3232370
Business Activity: Events,Exhibitions,Conferences,Seminars,Parties,Product Launch,Concerts,Live events,Meetings

Company Profile:

At cascade, we live events We understand your business model, the industry you operate & will help you to physically propagate the competitive advantage through the visual platforms. We build ideas on themes which can relate to your business objectives. At cascade events, we truly believe that every client is unique and so is every event. So we would like to introduce us as actualizers. Whether you would like to do a product launch or an exhibition, seminar, networking event, at first what we do is to map the industry you are into along with the demographics of your audience.

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