Carpets in Dubai

Carpets in Dubai

Listing Id: 320438

Company Name: Carpets in Dubai

Naif Road, Frij Murar Deira Dubai, U.A.E

POBox: 96195
Telephone Number: 056-537-7409
Fax Number: 056-537-7409
Business Activity: Carpets, Curtains, Rugs, Blinds, Doormats, Cushions, and Partitions, Moroccan Seating, wall posters

Company Profile:

The most essential part in our life is our living standards. The most prior amenities to improve are living standard is interior decoration. A home or office is dexterously different from others through interior design. A home or office is incomplete without interior design.However, drapery industry has being playing a large role in our living standard from past years. Carpetsindubai is highly experienced in drape industry for 20 yearsestablished in Dubai.We have classics designs that distinguish us from other companies. Our goal is satisfy our clients with our specialized interior designs available in wide range of varieties to enhance the beauty of homes and offices. Our company provides the finest quality of products with outstanding services. Our mission is to provide you all kinds of designs from traditional to modern design. We will amaze you with our new fashionable range of products with stunning fabric of blinds and curtains individualizing your home from others. We give a classic modern looks to your office. We deliver are products in all over Dubai. We have also imported fabric from Germany, Italy, England, Belgium, Turkey and India. We have wide range of accessories giving the best preference. Interior decoration of homes and offices are basic necessity in our lives. It helps to maintain a healthy life style. Carpetsindubai has specialized in all type of upholstery and interior furniture. We have specialized experts to suggest you with best products giving you the best elements of our creativity.

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