Carbonic dry ice cleaning llc

carbonic dry ice cleaning llc

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Company Name: carbonic dry ice cleaning llc

Dubai Healthcare city PO 48993, Dubai Unit no. BC1

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THE LEADING DRY ICE BLAST CLEANING COMPANY IN UAE Carbonic International first introduced the Dry Ice Blast Cleaning concept in the Dubai, UAE in 2006. We only focus on dry ice cleaning unlike other service providers who are regular cleaning agents and have purchased a dry ice machine and don't have the expertise with critical equipment like we do. The technology where dry ice granules, are propelled at supersonic speeds using Swiss equipment and systems to impact and clean a surface is faster, cleaner and safer. On striking the surface, the dry ice shock removes the contaminant whether it is rubber or plastic residue, release agents, dirt, paint or other unwanted material. To transform Dry Ice Blast Cleaning to new heights, Carbonic International has designed in-house, a variety of cleaning nozzles and dry ice cleaning lances for the most efficient pressure cleaning. Carbonic international’s Dry Ice Blast cleaning technology has other significant advantages; unlike water-jet, solvents and shot blasting, Dry Ice cleaning is non-contaminating and electrically non-conductive; there is no danger of equipment damage and downtime is dramatically reduced while equipment lifespan is improved; jobs that once took days may now take only hours with no post-treatment cleaning, pointers to the advantages that Zero Discharge cleaning offers to the Gulf. Carbonic Internationals customer-centric approach and custom built solutions are built upon the most advanced Swiss dry ice cleaning systems and dry ice manufacturing systems. The resulting capability will make your operation more productive, efficient, and achieve your desired result. For over 12 years in UAE, Carbonic International has provided dry ice cleaning to world-class companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Food Processing, Automotive, Printing, and Plastics industries. Our team works to ensure that jobs that were previously difficult are now possible. This new cleaning technology backed by Carbonic International’s customer support specialists and service team makes it feasible for companies and municipalities to conform to current and future legislation while saving costs and future generations. The company’s main facility is located at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai City, UAE. Call now for a demo or quote!

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