Listing Id: 321805

Company Name: BurhanTec

Office 605, 6th Floor, Dar Al-Riffa Building, Kh

POBox: 119240
Telephone Number: (+ 971) 42283429
Fax Number: [email protected]
E-mail: info@burhantec.com
Website: http://burhantec.com
Business Activity: All Hardware & Software Solutions

Company Profile:

BurhanTec is leading global business and information Technology Company, delivering consulting, systems integration and outsourcing solutions to clients in various industries. pic3 BurhanTec delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. We provide a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers. Our Goals and Vision: Invent the future The breakthrough thinking that leaps at technological and economical opportunities precisely when the time is right. Quality Service We take pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. Around 90% of our revenues come from existing customers. Delivering the best The healthy confidence and organizational drive to target and achieve leadership in everything we do. External obsession The holistic perspective that integrates our client’s industry dynamics, competitors and internal landscape into every solution.

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