Bluechip Computer Systems LLC – Managed IT Service

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC - Managed IT Service

Listing Id: 321970

Company Name: Bluechip Computer Systems LLC - Managed IT Service

Office 601, Al Jahra Building, Khalid Bin Al Walee

POBox: 233468
Telephone Number: +971-04-3524988
Fax Number: +971-04-3586222
Business Activity: IT Services, IT Support, IT Maintenance Services, IT AMC, Server Management, Printer Repair, Network

Company Profile:

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE with a nationwide IT presence, we have been the IT Support and Solutions provider of choice for small and medium businesses all over Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East. Our branches in GCC countries (like Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain) and India have given us the privilege of having a spectacular exposure towards the dynamics of international market. Our capability to serve the client in local and global markets have enhanced, catalyzed or boosted our confidence in expanding our business thoroughly. Our Operations Center works 24/7 providing IT Support Services and Server Monitoring to small and medium sized organizations. From Computer Support Services, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, Helpdesk Services, Server Backup & Disaster Recovery and CCTV Security to Industry Specific Strategic IT Consulting, IT Managed Support Services, Business Telephony Systems, Server and Network Infrastructure Security and other IT Services – Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is your IT partner.

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