Black and White Cleaning Service Abu Dhabi

Black and White Cleaning Service Abu Dhabi

Listing Id: 324243

Company Name: Black and White Cleaning Service Abu Dhabi

Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi

POBox: 25366
Telephone Number: 0589330622
Fax Number: 026552160
Business Activity: cleaning service,pest control,office cleaning,

Company Profile:

Black and white cleaning made up of a group of industry professional with decades of experience in the cleaning industry.We are 100% UAE owned and operated and provided a best service in the industry. Our company established in 2013.We currently dealing with thousands of clients & provides 24/7 service for all the requirement for cleaning and pest control with fully trained cleaning and pest control crews maintain a blue-chip competent to enhance your business surroundings.By giving the best service we treat our people right,which translate to higher job satisfaction and high quality service for the client.

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