Bin Sidra National Petro-Gas Establishment

Bin Sidra National Petro-Gas Establishment

Listing Id: 321109

Company Name: Bin Sidra National Petro-Gas Establishment

Mezzannine,Abdulla Aziz Al Hamly Building,Hamdan S

POBox: 8217
Telephone Number: 026778889
Fax Number: 026778897
Business Activity: Supply & Refilling of Central Gas System LPG & Natural Gas, Gas Pipes Installation & Execution, Rela

Company Profile:

Heading in early Ninety's towards safety and quality Gas distribution is one of the most safety and quality needed items in construction industry BIN SIDRA NATIONAL PETRO-GAS Est.with its more than 447 projects execution and service nowadays proudly display close to 26 years under the same management. Bin Sidra National can put your service a group of professionals supervised by expert engineers and competent foreman an armada of heavy trucks and equipment to serve out valuable customers. Looking forward to receive your valuable enquiries to show how we care our clients with quality service.

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