Big Crane General Transport LLC

Big Crane General Transport LLC

Listing Id: 324352

Company Name: Big Crane General Transport LLC

Industrial 2 Ras Al Khor Dubai United Arab Emirate

POBox: 231178
Telephone Number: 04 3203174
Fax Number: 04 3203175
Business Activity: Rental for Transportation, Heavy equipment for construction operation.

Company Profile:

To: Procurement Manager Dear Sir, Greetings from Big Crane General Transport L.L.C under the Bajwa Group of Companies. It is a great pleasure to introduce our company offering rental services for heavy equipment to serve and utilize your construction needs. We look forward to a great opportunity that someday we will be one of those providing services in your company to prove our collective talents to serve you the high-quality services as required in your operation. The following are the Four (4) divisions to supply your needs; 1. Big Crane General Transport L.L.C 2. Big Crane International General Transport (On Shore and Offshore oil and Gas field and Facilities services) 3. Big Crane Heavy Equipment Rental L.L.C 4. Big Building Demolition Works L.L.C Brief History: Our operation’s started year 1981, until now it is proudly represented as one of the leading professional companies in dealing with our clients for over 28 years of experiences all over the emirates. Our goal is to be flexible in helping clients and deliver high-quality services according to customer’s needs. We hope that someday you value our offer and consider it to be one of your services providers and it is hoped that we will have a good business relationship someday. Please refer to the list of satisfied clients on our Company Profile, those we consider them as our business partners and render a good & quality services with the commitment to meet the right times and flexibility beyond their needs. Any inquiries please do not hesitate to send us a message or call us directly at our office from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We also look forward to an opportunity to connect with personal talk at your convenient time to discuss about businesses. (Please find the Attached Company Profile for your reference.) Thanks & Regards, Joselito B. Mariano Business Development Manager Tel. No. 055 1647853 [email protected] [email protected]

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