Best Nursery in Sharjah – Dalia Nursery

Best Nursery in Sharjah - Dalia Nursery

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Company Name: Best Nursery in Sharjah - Dalia Nursery

GF No.2 Alyaa Towers, Block A Al Nahda Sharjah,opp

POBox: 00000
Telephone Number: 065253827
Fax Number: 065253827
Business Activity: Children Nursery for quality learning & care

Company Profile:

British Curriculum Nursery - Al Ghad Nursery in rashidiya A warm and loving environment for your child. Enroll your now! Our prime areas are: Physical, Social & Emotional Development Communication & Language Physical Development Literacy Reading & Writing Mathematics (numbers,shapes, measures) Understanding of the world Expressive arts and design Al Ghad Nursery follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and ensures that your child is gaining the best learning out of their experiences through observations and specific age appropriate planning. We strive to create the best possible learning environment for your children to develop and grow in their most important years. for inquiries please call 042851109 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK for more updates & daily activities

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