Barma Auto Parts LLC

Barma Auto Parts LLC

Listing Id: 321044

Company Name: Barma Auto Parts LLC

14/265 Industrial Area 13, Sharjah, United Arab Em

POBox: 62317
Telephone Number: +9716 5393331
Fax Number: +9716 5393338
Business Activity: auto parts, spare parts, automobile parts and accessories

Company Profile:

Barma Auto Parts LLC is one of the leading e-commerce distributors that provides a full line of spare parts for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks to the small & mid-size importers, distributors, resellers and professional service centers in the CIS, Africa and the Middle East. Among our partners - well-known largest suppliers in the world with representation in the UAE & Russia. A wide range of products with fast delivery. Barma Auto Parts LLC is one of the online-wholesale market-leaders in the breadth of the database - over 65 million auto spare part-numbers and a huge database of cross references (substitute numbers) from a large number of suppliers (genuine, OEM & aftermarket suppliers) to offer all that is needed for the technical maintenance and repair of a vehicle. PRODUCTS: - Powertrain (engine, gearbox, exhaust) - Chassis (axles, steering, brakes, wheels, shock absorbers) - Body (metal parts, roof systems, mounted parts, windows, bumpers) - Standard parts (fastening elements, thread and securing elements, sealing rings, roller bearings) - Interior (cockpits, instruments, airbags, trims, seats, heating, air-conditioning, electrical adjusters, interior filters) - Alternative original equipment drive units (hybrid, electric motors, natural gas, LPG) - Charging accessories (plugs, cables, connectors) - and much more

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