B360 Watch

B360 Watch

Listing Id: 317603

Company Name: B360 Watch

Unit 710, Gold Crest Executive Tower, Cluster C, J

POBox: 0000
Telephone Number: 44508076
Fax Number: 44508076
E-mail: info@b360watch.com
Website: http://b360watch.com/
Business Activity: watches for men, watches for ladies, Luxury Watches, Buy Online Luxury Watches, Branded Swiss Watche

Company Profile:

Selling watches for men and ladies. From sports watches with flag concepts, Swiss made watches, to hand-painted one of a kind art watches. Selling our own brand of watch, B360┬░Watch. The brand is the first one to be conceptualized from UAE, Middle East, paving way as a pioneer in the industry for the region. It is a complete evolution of style and design that personifies you. From plastic, stainless steel and aluminum to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone, B360┬░Watch reaches out to a wider audience of trend setters. We touch lives with our unique designs and connect people together.

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