Artan Armored Vehicles

Artan Armored Vehicles

Listing Id: 322532

Company Name: Artan Armored Vehicles

Dubai Investment Park-2

POBox: 126357
Telephone Number: 559425564
Fax Number: 559425564
Business Activity: Armored vehicles, bulletproof vehicles, Armored sedans, Armored SUVs

Company Profile:

Artan Armored is a trusted manufacturer of Armored vehicles, based in Dubai, UAE. Artan was established in 2012, with services reaching out to over 23 countries. We build and supply a wide variety of Armored cars, Armored SUVS, Armoured Luxury vehicles, Cash-in-transit, Armored personnel carriers, Tactical armored vehicles and so on. Our vehicles provide 360° protection, fully armored from ceiling to floor and all vertical panels. Only premium quality and certified materials are used for our manufacturing processes.

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