AQC Middle East Software Trading LLC

AQC Middle East Software Trading LLC

Listing Id: 324074

Company Name: AQC Middle East Software Trading LLC

Abu Hail, Deira, Dubai, UAE

POBox: P.O. Box 9
Telephone Number: +971-50-412-9876
Fax Number: +971-50-412-9876
E-mail: shahrukh@absolutewebtech.commail
Business Activity: Software Development, Software ERP, Customised Software, VAT Software

Company Profile:

Absolute Provides the custom software and ERP development services, app development. Our teams have the experience of finishing hundreds of projects within a given time frame and with utmost perfection.Our sole motive is to provide excellent web and cloud based software solution, CRM, ERP, Solutions to our clients. With every passing year our business is growing with brisk pace and today we have our offices in 5 different countries UK, India, UAE, Qatar and Saudia Arabia.

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