Amusement Whitewater LLC

Amusement Whitewater LLC

Listing Id: 322745

Company Name: Amusement Whitewater LLC

Al Khail Mall - Latifah Bint Hamdan Street, Al Quo

POBox: 34791
Telephone Number: +97142100600
Fax Number: +97142100600
Business Activity: Landscape Architects & Contractors

Company Profile:

Over the past two decades, AWW has become the leading company in the Middle East specializing in the art of creating and enhancing themed environments. These include several water/theme parks, animal habitats, aquariums, tourist project developments, private resorts, and indoor and outdoor facilities. The thematic renderings not only provide a pleasant and welcoming ambience but also add a distinctive identity to any location. In association with internationally recognized manufacturers and suppliers, the AWW custom-builds and installs specialized water/theme parks. With unparalleled experience and in-house expertise, AWW also handles turnkey projects from concept design to completion. With its wide and varied products and services portfolio, AWW is a one stop total solution provider from corporate to private clients, spread across the Middle East, or anywhere in the world.

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