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Approved by DPS (Department of Protective System) ABOUT US Amtronix Solutions LLC is considered one of the principal distribution agents in the Middle East for low tech systems of security products and quality assurance for an immense number of firms that vary between government corporations/agencies and private sector companies. Amtronix Solutions LLC serves a wide range of industries including Jewelers, exchanges, hotels, commercial outlets in addition to other industries that our products would be of relevance to them. As Amtronix Solutions LLC is highly concerned about their customer satisfaction, we provide complete installation of products and on-field training, along with a warranty and maintenance system that guarantees the clients fulfillment. PRODUCTS The company’s products are classified into ? CCTV Systems ? Alarm Systems Wired & Wire less ? Access Control Systems ? Telephone Recording Systems ? Computers & Networking ? SMA Systems ? PA & Music systems ? Audio/Video Intercom system SERVICE Maintenance schemes is one of our main aspect, Amtronix Solutions team of engineers would be at the site within few hours, very well equipped to take care of the problem and get the system completely operational all over again. Amtronix Solutions LLC could provide maintenance contracts that guarantees the effectiveness of the system being taken care of, in addition to supplying a wide range of products and spare parts Amtronix Solutions LLC could repair/service/maintain and supply any system related to the following: ? CCTV systems ? Alarm systems Wired &Wireless ? Access control ? Telephone recording systems ? All Types of Networking Amtronix Solutions LLC is considered to be experts when it comes to Surveillance systems on all levels and of all types. The clientele range served by Amtronix Solutions LLC covers a variety of sectors not only within the UAE but it covers the Middle East as a whole, and that include Safety and Security Corporations, hotels, exchanges, Jewelers, Commercial outlets ... etc... CONTACT US Tel: 04 2270043 Fax: 04 2270084 Email: [email protected] Dubai, UAE. ? CCTV SYSTEM : 1. Cameras WDR Camera Features ? High resolution color for crisp, clear video Progressive image capture 540 TV lines equivalent ? High Sensitivity for low-light images Advanced noise reduction technology ? Wide Dynamic Range provides excellent quality in High-contrast environments dB maximum dynamic range ? Optimum Exposure Mode presets Best Pictures in a variety of applications ? EDNR (Electronic Digital Noise Reduction) The amount of low luminance noise has been significantly reduced, and the signals – to noise ratio(S/N ratio) as well as horizontal resolution have been improved, resulting in a clear and sharp image display even in the dark. ? Controlled by OSD Menu The camera can be controlled by selecting text displayed on the monitor screen ? Additional Functions Automatic white Balanced Backlight compensation Automatic Gain Control Activity/ Motion detection Day / Night 2. Lens 3. Digital Video Recorder 1104-4Ch Board Display (NTSC / PAL) 30fps / 25fps Record (NTSC / PAL) 30fps / 25fps Camera 4ch Resolution Screen Split 1,4 TV-Out 1ch Compress Codec S/W Mpeg4 / MJPEG Network LAN/PSTN/ISDN/ADSL Features: Main Program Main Function Search, Emergency record, Setup, Instant search, Voice communication Simultaneous Playback Recent one channel video footage can be immediately played back by one button-click Emergency Recording Users can apply more intensive frames to the pre-defined channel by one button-click Local and Remote Specific live and remote channels can be hidden to specific users for security reasons Immediate Password Lock All functions on live mode will be locked by one button-click to prevent unauthorized 6-Level User Access Protection Various Event Alerts E-mail, sound beep and screen pop-up can be triggered when motion, sensor or video Hiding DVR S/W to system OEM Insert OEM logo / Support program skin Search Program Playback Channel On/Off Function Object Search Users can search the movement of object in the particular area selected on the Panoramic (Thumbnail) Search Bookmark function Users can add important scenes to bookmark list with channel/date Event Search Users can search the video footages by motion or sensor with preview replay in the AVI Backup Partial recording video footage can be created to AVI file in the multiple channels Snapshot Export and Print- Specifications: ? ALARM SYSTEMS : Overview: Provides security and life safety solutions for applications from retail stores to manufacturing facilities to homes. Combine fire protection, intrusion, and central monitoring software like Mastermind to come up with a complete solution for your security needs. Our best full-featured commercial and residential security system, The Network NX-8E uses advanced technology for burglary, Fire and environmental detection. The NX8E is a flexible security system that is easy to install and simple to use. With 8 partitions and up to 192 zones, the NX-8E can handle your most demanding commercial and residential security needs. Effortless Programming: Conduct quick and easy on-site programming with alphanumeric keypads and a menu-driven text interface. Off-site programming options are also available with the DL900 software for Windows. ? Expandable to 192 fully programmable hardwire and/or wireless zones ? 240 user codes ? 512-event history log that provides date, time, event and user number ? Up to 8 true partitions with separate account codes, entry/exit delays, and feature selections for each partition ? Maximum of 32 keypads with up to 8 per partition ? Wireless technology with up to 48 supervised zones ? 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detector compatibility ? Fire alarm verification for greater false alarm immunity ? Dynamic battery test ? Standard Rs- 232 on board interface ? Open architecture design for future ? ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM : F4 PLUS SC403 F4 PLUS Product Introduction F4 Plus is a professional access control product, specially designed for the international high terminal access control market. F4Plus adopts American U.are.U sensor to collect the fingerprint images, the quality of the fingerprint identification is improved obviously, with ZK multi-engine Biokey algorithm, the identification speed increased 1.5 times as before, it can deal with 2000 qualified or unqualified average distributed fingerprints, it makes the system easy to operate, reliability, accuracy are all improved. ZK best fingerprint RIS algorithm system is also the good option for customer; the identification speed can reach 7000 per second. F4 Plus use the professional static electricity prevention and anti jamming design, all of the input or output interface are protected from over-voltage and frequency, it has the function of anti-dismantlement alarm and professional alarm, as well as the voltage and PFK watchdog inspection, outstanding quality. F4 Plus supports Mifare Card or ID Card, support professional access control functions, most suitable for controlling and administrating the large entrances and exits; imbedded Web server management which is the most popular now In the world, it can be controlled by normal internet browser, operation and inquiry form, there is no need to use the specific computer, its application software is imbedded in the machine, simply realize remote information browse and management. SC403 Product Features Stores 30000 cards and 50000 transactions Read Cards and or/PINs Built in Serial and Ethernet ports Multi Language Support Built in Bell scheduling Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid cards 4 x 4 metal keypad with 4 function keys SDK available for OEM customers and software developers. ? TELEPHONE RECORDING SYSTEM : Product Information: Telephone Voice Recording System is a multiple channel digital telephone recording system that uses PC and Recording Card to record telephone conversations, dialed numbers and caller IDs to hard disk. It helps to make transactions over the telephone and to control the quality of personnel’s work, robust design and simple interface for fail- safe but user-friendly day to day operations. The telephone voice recording system consists of the automatically recording and real-time monitoring software and hardware for the process of both sides during the call. Audio-recording adopts the common international voice process and compression technology conformed to CCITT standard. It samples, digitalizes, compress and save the voice signals to the computer disks. Search and plays the voice file of the storage devices on the external speakers or earphones. It serves for the essential tools of the telephone hot-line, police stations, call centers, customer service ,800 calls, fire stations, banks, securities and so on fields. Typical Usages: Call center, Help Desk, Hospital, Fire station Recording conferences calls Recording instruction, Clarification of quantities and Specifications Protection of staff from abusive/difficult customers Monitoring nuisance callers Monitoring customer service Service hotlines, call centers, hospitals, police stations, fire departments and other public service institutions can benefit from our multi-channel voice recording system - a sophisticated, feature-rich device with the following functions .Can be used with PSTN and PBX phone systems .Incoming call alert .Digital voice recording .Customer information pops up onscreen .Dates and times of calls are logged .Records conference calls

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