Alpha Byte Computers LLC – Dubai Software Companie

Alpha Byte Computers LLC – Dubai Software Companie

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Company Name: Alpha Byte Computers LLC – Dubai Software Companie

Near Al Fahidi Metro Station Alain Center Computer

POBox: 86460, Bur
Telephone Number: +971 4 3518503
Fax Number: +971 4 3518504
Business Activity: software solutions uae, online softwares dubai, pos retail systems, point of sales software, softwar

Company Profile:

ALPHA BYTE COMPUTERS LLC - IT solutions provider in UAE was established in Dubai in year 2000 since then it has grown into a multifaceted Consultancy / Software Development house offering a wide range of services in the field of information technology. Specializing in the development of commercial Software Application across multiple platforms using Microsoft development tools and standards. We at Alpha Byte are a team of Highly Dedicated Qualified Experts - Whose prime focus is on helping our clients realize and achieving their business goals. Our approaches always are customer centric and competitively based latest emerging technologies of the time, non-compromising on the quality of the products which are vastly tested and yet at an affordable price We also provide business solutions for retail POS, Restaurant POS, Accounting & inventory management, Wireless Order taking, Fixed Assets Management, HR, Time Management and Payroll System and various IT infrastructure/Network Solution & Web Solution.

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